Why we NEED two keys

Many people ask us why we need 2 keys to their home.

By having 2 keys we can ensure that no matter what emergency arises we can have access to your home to ensure your pet is always cared for.

One key is given to the team member doing the visits, the other key is kept securely in the office handy to grab in case of emergency.

Having been in business since 2000, we have had a few situations that have cropped up where the second key in the office has become necessary to use.

  • sitter was rear ended and the keys were locked in the centre console.   The console was “squished” in the accident and couldn’t be opened right away.
  • sitter was in an accident and the car was towed away with keys inside.  Had to wait to get access to key.
  • Illness or injury of your regular sitter and we can give a key to the person stepping in.
  • Your regular dog walker has gone out of town for the weekend and secured the regular client keys in their home, but the client needs a last minute weekend visit.
  • The sitter accidentally locks the keys in the home while out with your pet.
  • We have never lost a key, however, it is a possibility as we are only human.
  • Us having 2 keys has also helped our clients when they are locked out of the house … .we will meet you at your house and let you in.

It’s a win win win situation 🙂

These are just a few of the many scenario’s where a back up key in the office is very handy to get to your pet in a timely manner and ensure the best possible care.

For added security ALL keys are tagged with your pets name(s) and there is nothing on the key tag that would identify your name or address to be tracked by a stranger.

As always we only want the best for your pet and your peace of mind.   If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at 289-221-4573 or york.info@yahoo.ca


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