Why we do not let dogs off leash

Occasional we get calls from prospective clients asking if we will let their dog off leash, or take them on a group walk.   For 16 years the answer has been no and will continue to be no and here is why.

  • As soon as the ldog-holding-leasheash is unhooked from the collar we are no longer in control.   We need control to make sure your dog stays safe and healthy.
  • Your dog may have the best recall in the world for YOU, but distractions like squirrels, birds, other dogs, or a great smell may stop them from listening to us.
  • Often animals, especially dogs will go and look for their “master”
  • Stranger Danger – sadly dog theft is on the rise.  Your dog running towards a stranger with tempting treats while we try to watch other dogs is a situation we would never want to put your beloved dog in.
  • Wildlife – forests and trails are great.  We love them and take our pooch there.  But we are careful he doesn’t run too deeply into the forest in case of a run in with Coyotes, fox,  raccoons etc.   It is hard to track several dogs at once all running in different directions.
  • Often in a group walk,  one dog requires more attention than the others.  We want to make sure your pup ALWAYS gets 100% of our attention. They deserve it.
  • Even though all the dogs get along when they initially meet, you just never know when one of the pack is having a bad day putting the other dogs on the group walk at risk

At York Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking  we want to make sure your dog has an enjoyable walk, our undivided attention and comes home safe and happy.




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