Reasons you should have a pet sitter hired, even if you don’t need one now.


A lot of people think they only need a pet sitter when they are going on a vacation or business trip.    Not true – here are some of the reasons we go and look after pets, whether it is in -home pet care, the occasional walk or daily walks.

  • Long day at work
  • Shift work
  • Diabetic pet that requires shots because you work late
  • Vacation
  • Business trip
  • Wedding
  • Invited to a friends cottage for the day (dog not welcome)
  • Funeral
  • Family emergency out or in town
  • Ill
  • Injured
  • Pregnant women who can’t scoop the litter box
  • Day trip – road trip 🙂
  • Rushed to the hospital unexpectedly or need to take family or loved one there
  • Dog is over-weight and needs more exercise
  • Going to a dinner and a play and need someone to give the pup a break, feed the cat or give medication
  • You hate the cold and just don’t want to walk Fido
  • Seniors who are afraid of the ice on sidewalks
  • Heading to the slopes for the day
  • You have a newborn and it’s too miserable out to take the stroller and the pup
  • Have to work late
  • Going out to celebrate after work
  • Work from home but dog barks for walks while you are on that all important conference call.
  • You hate scooping litter boxes!
  • In a retirement home and allowed to have pet’s but don’t want Mum or Dad walking dog or bending to scoop litter and freshen water.
  • Hockey/Soccer tournament
  • and the list goes on and on and on.   What is your reason?

The point is you do not have to use a pet sitting service for a specific period of time.   One visit or one hundred visits we welcome you and your pet and will make sure they receive the best possible care.

Also remember, if there is an emergency you don’t have time to research, do a meet and greet, fill out the paperwork etc.    So consider, doing all that now and then when you need pet care you are ready to go 🙂

Morag Willcox

York Professional Pet Sitting Inc

Your Partners In Pet Care since 2000

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