The Top 3 Mistakes people make when hiring a dog walker/pet sitter – PART THREE

The third mistake

Making price a factor

Dog with money

Like everything else in life whether a product or service, you get what your pay for.

I know as well as anyone else how important a budget is how nice it is to get something for less money and that you have to shop around.   However, let’s tie the previous two blog posts together with this one.

Whether you are hiring a dog walker, to take your dog out while you are out working, or you are on a business trip, vacation or just need help while you are at a wedding.   You are giving the trust, reliability, responsibility and keys to your home to someone.   That person will come into your most prized place (home) and care for your fur kids.    Is this something you really want to cheap out on?

You spend a lot of money ensuring your home is protected by purchasing a new roof, new windows, investing in landscaping, furniture, flooring and all the other things that make your house a home.    Are you willing to risk all that to the least expensive company in the area just to save a few dollars?

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you need to go with the most expensive one either, I am just saying you need to do your research and if there price seems lower than other companies in your area look for some red flags?   Are they a registered company?   Do they have employees and pay CPP, IE etc, or do they hire out to Independent contractors?   Do they have insurance specific to the industry that includes liability insurance?

Another thing to remember when comparing company’s price points is the “extras”

  • Do they charge extra for
    • Weekends?
    • Evenings?
    • Statutory Holidays?
    • Last minute requests?
    • Out of area requests?
    • Extra pet’s in the home?
    • Litter Box Cleaning?
    • Picking up supplies needed?
    • Clean up fee?

All things to take into consideration as one company could be  a slightly higher base fee with very few extra charges, where another company has a lower base fee but lot’s of extra fee’s that will drive the bill higher.

I am not saying either of these is right or wrong, just points to consider when making price a factor in this important decision.

In conclusion remember that peace of mind is “priceless” so do your research 🙂

I hope you have found this series of blog posts interesting and informative.    If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send me an email at

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