The Top 3 Mistakes people make when hiring a dog walker/pet sitter – PART TWO

The Second Mistake

The Hobby Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Everybody is doing it

Everybody is doing it

There are a lot of these companies around and more pop up daily as everyone thinks “we love animals” “”I like to walk my dog”  and “I can make a little extra money”

Let me start this by stating that I AM NOT saying these are bad people, they are not


There are huge differences between these types of companies and professional Pet Sitting companies (keep in mind some “hobby”  pet sitting companies claim to be professional)

They may not be a registered business with the PROPER insurance and bonding.

If they charge under the average local price chances are they are not paying for and carrying the proper insurance to cover you, your home and your pet.  Do not hesitate to ask to see their insurance policy as some are nothing more than “home insurance”

Website may look great with lots of pretty pictures and information but we all know that anyone can put anything on a website .. .I could actually be the Queen of the world if I wanted to 🙂

queen of the world

I think I want this job 🙂

There is no history

They may not be available 365 days a year

They may do it on the side, or in transition while looking for another job, leaving you to scramble when they stop, or cancel the day before you leave on vacation.   We get these calls ALL the time.

They may be very nice people, do a great job but this is not a priority business for them.

They have no procedures or policies in place to make them accountable.

They may have no emergency back up plan if they get sick or something happens to them.

They probably don’t have a secure online system that ensures no visit is ever missed.

Again, you the client may save a few $$’s, but at what cost?

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Stay tuned for ……………………

Tomorrow – Part Three – Going on price.


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