The Top 3 Mistakes people make when hiring a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter – PART ONE

Big, small we LOVE them all

Big, small we LOVE them all

I am writing this blog after recently hearing several stories from people who hired us after having some very sad incidents with their own pets.

“Our neighbour forgot and we came home to a house full of poop, pee and 2 very stressed dogs”

 “We had used this lady several times and she was great, but this time she didn’t show up to visits our cats for 10 days while we were on a cruise.”

 “The company we hired made a mistake in the dates and our dog was left for 10 days without a visit.”

“The kid next door said the litter box was “yucky” so didn’t clean it for 2 weeks.   Our cats had peed and pooped everywhere”

Horrible stories!   Thankfully all pet’s survived but needed medical care

The first mistake

Asking kids, neighbours or friends

You know these people; you trust these people and you would rather have them come into your home than a “stranger” right?


What if they get sick or are in an accident and can’t come?

What if they have a family emergency and have to leave town?

What if they slip or fall or get injured on your property?  (No liability insurance so it has to go through YOUR insurance)

Will they forget?

What if there was an emergency with your pet?  Would they know how to handle it?

Would they recognize the signs that your pet needs medical care?

What if your pet had to go on medication under their care?  Would they know how to administer it?

What if your furnace broke in the winter?   Your Air Conditioning in the summer? Or your pipes burst?

Will they take advantage of your home being empty and have parties?

Will they clean the litter box?

These are questions you should ask yourself AND your friend, family member or neighbour you are considering caring for your pet’s and home.  They may LOVE visiting your pet but having the responsibility for all the care is another thing.

Yes, you will save money but how much could it cost you in vet bills, repair bills or peace of mind?   Also, please consider this.  If something does go wrong your relationship with this person will never be the same again.

Morag Willcox
York Professional Pet Sitting
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Serving Newmarket, Aurora and surrounding area’s

Tomorrow – Part Two – the Hobby Pet Sitter.



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