How to save your pets paws from winter salt


You asked and I will do my best to answer

One of our Facebook followers commented on post about frostbite and pets, asking what we could do about the salt.   She is right, salt is just horrible for our pet’s paws for many reasons, a few of them are ….

■it often has jagged edges that can cut the paws
■it dries out the pads causing them to crack
■they can get chemical burns
■If they lick their paws to sooth them which is only natural, the could be ingesting toxins

Booties do work, but not all dogs like to wear them. The main objective is to put a protective barrier between your pups pads and the salt on the sidewalk. Personally I like good ole fashioned Bag Balm, that has been used on farms with animals for over 100 years but even Vaseline works.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to make sure your pup has healthy paws during the winter.

■Trim between the paw pads to reduce snow balling up and causing pad to splay.
■Keep nails well-trimmed as long nails will pressure upwards causing the paw to splay.
■If your pup has a lot of feathering keep that well-trimmed as well to avoid the hair coming in contact with the ground.
■Apply a thin layer of balm or vaseline before the walk. After your walk, wipe paws with a warm face cloth and then apply another thin layer of balm to moisturize and sooth pads.
■Many of our clients actually have a small bowl of warm water by the door and one paw at a time rinse their pups paws to make sure the salt is off BEFORE they get a chance to lick it off.

I hope you find this information helpful!  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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