Thoughts on Mothers Day

Mompreneur Badge-Newmarket

This year I joined our local chapter of Mompreneur (mom-phuh-nur) – the definition is “A multi-tasking woman who can balance both the stresses of running a business as an entrepreneur and the time consuming duties of motherhood at the same time”

Being part of the Newmarket and area Mompreneurs has meant so much more to me than that.  I have met such amazing, passionate people that Motivate, Inspire, and support each other.   I am one of the older Mompreneurs – turning 51 this year.   My children are older  (26 and 24) I am a grandmother to a beautiful grandson who will be 2 this August.  Yet I am also a wife and a daughter to my parents who are 87 and 91. Yes this does require A LOT of multi tasking.

I started my business in 2000 when my children were 9 and 11.  Many people think that it is the Mum “preneur” that is the hero, juggling children, starting a business, and running a household as I did as a single Mum.  I however, have come to the realization that it is really my kids and the family that surrounds me that are the hero’s.   Without their love, support, respect, patience and understanding there is no possible way that I have grown my business to where it is today.

I know today is Mothers Day – but I don’t want to celebrate me.  I want to celebrate my wonderful children and the family.   Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  I truly could not be who I am nor do what I do without you.

Christine and Michael - Brotherly love 2008

Christine and Michael – Brotherly love 2008

Morag Willcox

Owner York Professional Pet Sitting  – Your Partners In Pet Care Since 2000



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