National Pet ID Week

ID Collar from Wagz Wear

ID Collar from Wagz Wear

If your pet were to get separated from you, run away or escape, how would somebody that found your fur kid return them to you?

There are many options for pet ID, but all have their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Microchip – GREAT – but they move in the body, people forget to update the information on them when they move and not all scanners work with all chips.
  • Traditional Tags – FANTASTIC – but make sure the information is current and readable.
    • Some people who find your pet maybe reluctant to put their hand and face close enough to the tag to read it properly.
    •  Tags also fall off, get caught objects and get pulled off.
    • A lot of people take the tags off because they don’t like the noise of them tinkling around.
    • What if you the pet parent, is not home? They have no other number to contact.
  • QRCODE Tags – LOVE THESE – you can enter all kinds of information on them including multiple contacts, vet information, medication and even feeding routine.  You can update and change the information online at anytime.    Anyone with a QR Code Scanner on their smart phone can read it.
    •  However, they have all the same draw backs as Traditional Tags.
    • Not everyone has a QR Code Scanner
  • Personalized ID Collar with name and phone number.  YES!!!!!
    • Information is bold and clear to be read without getting in the pets face.
    • No tag to clink around so you can keep it on all the time (unless they are in a crate of course)
    • Very unlikely to fall off.
    • We are lucky to have Wagz Wear custom make these collars and leashes locally, with lots of choices of colours.  You will never forget to update these, as you will see them clearly several times a day.
  • Docupet Licensing – A unique way to licence your pet and make sure they have a unique tag that connects to their online profile.    Check it out 

Remember our dogs cannot speak for themselves.  We have to make sure we have them ID’d clearly and properly.   If they ever get away from us we want them to be them returned as soon as possible.  The only way of doing that is to talk loud and often for our pets.

Personally I think a combination of Personalized ID Collar with name and phone number, along with one of the tags mentioned here and a Microchip is the best way to ensure that ANYBODY finding your dog will be able to find you quickly and make for a happy reunion.


Personaized ID Collar with name and phone number available at Wagz Wear

QR Code Dog Tags available at Helping Homeless Pets e-tag


Author Morag Willcox

Owner of York Professional Pet Sitting

Your Partners In Pet Care Since 2000


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