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This week is Professional Pet Sitting Week!  I know if you are like me, you start rolling your eyes that there seems to be a day, week or month for every occupation, illness, fruit, vegetable and … well almost anything.  That being said, I think this week is worth not just celebrating, but recognizing our incredible team of Professional Pet Care Providers.

If you follow us on Facebook, you will often see me referring to our “Amazing team”, “Incredible team” “Dedicated team”, and think I am just spouting off adjectives to make us look good.  Not true.  These words and more truly describe each and every one of our team members.  Here is why.

1)      Rain, snow, slush, ice, heat, humidity, high winds and anything else Mother Nature throws at us, they are out there on the roads when nobody else will go to ensure ALL the pets under our care are properly looked after.

2)      They work from 7 in the morning, until 10 at night some days.  Leaving their own families in the middle of dinner, a holiday, a movie night, or a family event in order to make sure your furry family member is taken care of.

3)      They go above and beyond the call of duty with every client that they care for.  Whether it is a onetime visit, or an ongoing client, they do numerous little things to make sure that your pet and home are well cared for.

4)      They clean up accidents, poop, and litter boxes that have been left for too long.  They clean muddy paws, all to ensure that your home looks as good as or better than when you left it.

5)      They are Pet First Aid certified and able to administer all types of medication, including insulin shots to diabetic pets, and handle any medical issues or pets with special needs.

6)      They are all pet parents and pet lovers who understand the needs of the pets and their parents.  Accommodating last-minute visits and giving the same love, care and devotion to your pets as they do their own.

These reasons and many more are why we truly appreciate our amazing team.  They are responsible, caring, flexible, trustworthy and compassionate.  For these reasons you should consider hiring a qualified Professional Pet Sitter to care for your pet.  You WILL appreciate them as much as we do.

Written by Morag Willcox

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Professional Pet Sitting Week


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