Your pet CAN get the flu from you.

Protect your pet from the flu

I recently wrote a blog post Can dogs catch my cold, thankfully my research showed that NO, Bob the dog and all our other clients were safe from catching my cold.

Now poor Glenn has the flu, full-blown headache, aches, and pains, cough, creepy skin, fever and feeling yucky 😦 so I checked and found that research is saying Bob the Dog CAN catch the flu 😦

The is increasing evidence to say that YES your dog or cat can get the flu from YOU!!!  With similar symptoms, lethargic, no appetite, aches, pains, fever, sneezing, runny eyes etc.  Flu is airborne and those nasty little germs will find away into your pets system.

So as much as Glenn would love company….. Misery does LOVE company!  The flu is something that you probably should suffer alone.  Lots of disinfectant wipes, covering your nose and mouth and dare a say it – shooing them away from your side.

If you need an animal to snuggle up with while you rest, maybe it’s time to borrow one of the kid’s stuffed animals – you can throw them in the wash after.

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