Save Pet Fur For The Birds

Some of you who have been following York Professional Pet Sitting for years will have heard this before, but I think it is worth repeating.  When you comb/brush out Fido or Fluffy, PLEASE save the fur.

Your pet’s fur can really help the wild birds build a GREAT nest this Spring!  You can keep it in a bag until then if you wish and then in early Spring hang the fur in a tree, shrub or on a fence.  Within no time, the birds will have taken it to line their nest.

It’s SOOOO much better than lint from the dryer which should NOT be used as it will hold water, chill eggs and baby birds.

Some birds actually like it so much they will even come and steal it directly from your dog 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Save Pet Fur For The Birds

  1. Absolutely excellent idea! I had not heard of this advice until now and I can definitely see the value there. I wonder if dog groomers know to do that or not? Thanks!

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