Closing thoughts on 2012

Happy New Year from Your Partners in Pet Car

It seems like just a few weeks ago when I wrote the Closing thoughts on 2011!  Time DOES fly when you are having fun 🙂 .   What a fun and busy year we have had, both business wise and personally.

From the business side of things, we were thrilled to welcome so many new fur clients and the people they own to our ever-growing family.  We are honoured that you have chosen our team to make sure your pets get the exercise, fresh air and love that is so very important to their physical and mental well-being.  Every day our team heads out with a smile on their faces to do their route of clients while their pet parents are busy working. We know they come home from work to happy, well-adjusted pets.

We have also welcomed a lot of new dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, fish and reptiles to our family this year.  It has been a pleasure caring for them while their people are travelling for business or pleasure.  The most common feedback is,  “Thank you for the peace of mind; we never worry about our pets when we are away”.  That puts a smile on our face every time.

In 2012 we launched Boutique Boarding which has taken off in a big way.  Now dogs can stay in one of our host homes while their pet parents are away.  They are guest of honour and enjoy all the privileges of home.  This service has brought in clients from all over York Region and the GTA.   We look forward to adding more host homes and being able to accommodate more dogs in 2013.

We are also proud to announce that in 2012 we received an  A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau;  giving you further peace of mind to assure you that we are meeting their high standards of business practice.

York Professional Pet Sitting has been enjoying interacting with other pet lovers on our Facebook page.  We reached 300 “likes”  in November and hope to build this community through 2013, providing you with photo’s, pet tips, more instructional video’s and of course, lots of smiles.  If you have not already joined our page, please “like” and feel free to post your pet photos, or anything else pet related.

Sadly in 2012 some of our fur clients passed away.  As with all losses, we mourned for them and now remember the wonderful memories we made during our time with these wonderful pets.  This tribute video was made up earlier in the year.


Christine, Dad, Me, Glenn, M

2012 was also a busy year personally.  I moved my 90-year-old parents closer to us and I am thrilled to have them just a few minutes away in Aurora.  They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, Dad his 90th birthday and Glenn and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.   Owen, our grandson  (who you may recall was born prematurely last August and spent many months in Preemie ICU),  is now thriving and is a whopping 24lbs :-).   His first word is “CHEESE”,  which is very appropriate for a boy who’s granddad constantly has a camera in front of his face.   He is the next generation of pet lover in our family,  as he gets very excited when he see’s Bob or any other dog.  🙂



Bob enjoying retirement

Speaking of Bob, he turned 14 on December 1st.   For a chocolate lab, that is a very good age.  He is in great health other than his arthritic issues.  Like every other living creature, we contribute his good health and long life to his lifestyle.  Since he was one year old he enjoyed going out with Glenn on his route every day, socializing with other dogs, getting lots of fresh air and exercise.  He enjoys a good healthy raw food diet and of course, receives lots of love and TLC.  We did however, give the poor old guy a break and retired him as York Professional Pet Sitting Social Director in 2012.  Bob was proud to hand over the job to Teddy, Janice’s West Highland Terrier.  Teddy is doing a fantastic job in keeping all of Janice’s fur clients well exercised and in great shape.


Now, we all look forward to 2013.  🙂  We have many new and exciting plans to keep you and your pet entertained, happy, healthy and well cared for, when you cannot be there.

On behalf of the entire York Professional Pet Sitting Team, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.

Morag and Glenn



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