Boutique Boarding has arrived in York Region

York Professional Pet Sitting Inc.

We understand that some pet parents are reluctant to leave their beloved pets in their home overnight, or are a little nervous about having someone come into their home.  We have the solution

Boutique boarding

Your pet will stay in one of our host homes and be Guest of Honour for their stay.  NO cages, NO kennels, NO other dogs unless the host home has a family pet.

Your pet will have all the luxuries and privileges of home, lots of walks, fresh air, playtime, exercise  and of course an unlimited supply of pets, cuddles and TLC.

Frequently asked Questions


Q          Is it okay to meet with the family prior to us leaving out pet with them?

A           Yes, actually we insist on it.  It is important that you feel comfortable leaving your pet and that we know that your pet and the host pet all get along.

Q          Can I bring my pets favourite toys and bed?

A           Yes we recommend that you bring favourite toys, treats and bed.  Also make sure you send enough food to see them through their whole visit + a few days in case of delays. 

Q          Where will my dog sleep?

A           Your dog will sleep where they are most comfortable.  If they sleep with you when you are home and they want to sleep with their host that’s no problem at all.  However, we are happy to enforce your house rules so your pup does not come home with bad habits.

Q          Will my dog get walked?

A           Yes, our goal is to keep their routine as close to normal as possible.  So if you walk them after breakfast and before dinner that’s what we will do.  If they have no routine at home, we will just make sure they get lots of walks 🙂

Q          My dog has special needs; can you still take him in?

A           Yes, dogs with special needs are always welcome.  Before we match up your dog to a host home please let us know all the issues so we can properly match them to the right home for them.

Q          DO you administer medications?

A           Yes, we certainly do.  We strongly recommend though that if your pet is on a medication they have never had before, that you delay your trip if possible to ensure that they have been on it long enough to know that there are no adverse reactions.

Q          My dog is diabetic, do you give insulin injections?

A           Yes, please make sure you tell us at the time so we can fit your pup into a home where someone does insulin injections and of course make sure you send enough insulin and needles to last the duration of your trip and a few days extra.

Q          What do you do if there is an emergency with my pet?

A           Our policy in case of a medical emergency is to first try to contact you, in case of course it is a life or death emergency.  If we cannot reach you we will attempt to contact the emergency contact person whose name you left us with.  Failing that we would take them to their own vet or an emergency vet if yours is not available.

Q          Can I call to find out how my pet is doing?

A           Yes of course, you can call the office during office hours and we can either have the host family call you directly or get a report from them and call you back ourselves.  We can also send email updates or text messages.

Q          Can I drop of or pick up my pet late in the evening?

A           Yes as long as arrangements are made ahead of time.  That being said for the first night it is often best if your pup arrives at least a few hours before bedtime to ensure that they have a chance to settle before going to bed.

Q          Will my dog be crated?

A           Only if your dog is used to being crated at home while sleeping or at certain times of the day.  You provide the crate and we will follow your instructions.

Q          If we go away again can will have our dog in the same host home?

We always do our best to ensure that your dog gets in the same home, however due to holidays, and other client’s bookings this may not be possible.  We can guarantee though that no matter which of our host homes your pup is in they will receive lots of love and TLC.

Still have Questions?  No problem – you can call us at 289-221-4573 or email

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