Fall back means NOTHING to Fido or Fifi

Fall back means nothing to Fido or Fifi

Fall back means nothing to Fido or Fifi

Well I know YOU know that tonight the clocks go back 1 hour.  I know you know to change the batteries and test smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  I also highly recommend that if you have electronic locks you take the opportunity to change the batteries in them.  However, you pooch or feline friend likely did not get the memo.

Our pets clocks do not go by a clock, well at least not an external clock.  There internal body clock tells them when it’s feeding time, when it’s time to go out for a pee, BM or walk.

We can help our pets adjust to this time change by adjusting their schedule in small increments.  Don’t expect them to wait an extra hour to eat, or do any of their other routine activities.  Adjust them slowly to the new change by making slow and small changes to their routine in 10 minute increments over the week.  10 minutes is not much to ask but 1 hour is.

Now enjoy your extra hour sleep – IF your pet lets you 🙂

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