Hurricane Sandy – Tips for Pet Parents

Although we are not going to get the brunt of the storm with some of the problems the eastern seaboard is going to have, bad weather is still on its way.  I am sure you have thought about what to do about getting to work, getting the kids to school and what to do to protect your home, but what about your pets?

Here are a few tips to remember;

1)      Keep cats inside.

2)      Even though your dog may not mind being out in the weather, if the wind is high-flying debris can be dangerous to you and them.  Not just the big stuff but the little things too.

3)      Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and ID tag at all times.  In case of emergency if you get separated you want a quick reunion.  Check your pet’s tags right now!  Can you read them?  Is the information up to date?

4)      If you are stocking up on supplies for yourself, don’t forget your pets.  Remember the big power outage where we couldn’t use debit or credit?  If that happens again do you have enough food, medication and water for your pets?

5)      Take a current photo of your pet in case you do get separated and have to look for them or hang posters.  “Lost Cute black and white dog” will not get your beloved pet home any faster.

6)      Make sure you have your pet first aid kit up to date and ready.

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