Overweight cats – part 2

A week ago we talked about how to tell if your cat was overweight and the health risks associated with it, including diabetes.

Now what are some things you can do to help your cat lose weight or maintain its optimum weight for a long and healthy life?

Cats and dogs are similar to humans;   barring any medical issues diet and exercise are key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

How do you put a finicky cat, or a cat that screams at you till you feed them on a diet?  It’s not easy but there are options, one of them being raw food.  Oh I can see you all cringing now, but really it’s not as “icky” as you think and it is VERY GOOD for your cat.  I will happily go into a whole blog on raw food at a later date but for now, plant that seed at the back of your mind – your cat will thank you for it 🙂  There is also cutting down on treats and low-calorie food to consider.  Then there is …………

Exercise, ugh again how do you get a lazy cat who wants to sleep all day up and moving?   You can’t put a leash on them and taken them for a walk.  Two words PLAY TIME, cats love play time and its good for them, you just have to harness into their natural instincts of hunting, stalking, pouncing and hiding.  Also studies have shown that cats are most active and playful at the times of days they would be hunting if in the wild; dusk and dawn.

Remember too cats are far-sighted, so do not  play games that are not right in their face, but allow then to see movement in the distance and use their hunting instincts to track it down.

The best way to engage your cat in these types of games to get their bodies moving and losing some weight is with string toys, dangle, swing or snake it a short distance from your cat so they can catch sight of the movement and start doing what they do best.   Laser lights are iffy, we have discovered that a cat will either love or hate the light.  Some will play with it for hours, other realize there is no way they are ever going to catch it and give up quickly.  If your cat loves it this is a great way to give them some exercise, just make sure you do NOT get the light near their eyes, or yours.

So try to spend 2 sessions of at least 10 minutes a day, your cat will love it and benefit from it and it’s a great bonding time 🙂

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