Is your cat overweight? If so what are the risks?

After over 12 years of doing Pet Care in Newmarket and Aurora, we have seen a steady increase in cats with Diabetes.  Why?

Well several reasons.  The veterinarians are saying they are getting better at detecting it and able to detect it earlier.  Cats are also outside less and therefore much more sedentary.  It can also be genetic, the processed food they are eating or the extra treats we give them that are loaded with calories.

We care for a lot of diabetic cats, giving them insulin injections every 12 hours, either doing or helping pet parents do Blood curves to check if their insulin level is right. Let me tell you as much as you may love your cat, having a diabetic cat not only can be very expensive but it also ties you down to what you can and cannot do.  Thankfully there are pet sitting companies around like ours who have a staff that is trained in giving insulin shots, so the pet parents can still enjoy dinner with friends, go away for a weekend, not have to pop home in the middle of a wedding to give a needle.

So what can we do to prevent your cat getting diabetes?  Thankfully there are several things – none of them are guaranteed but all of them will reduce the risk and give your pet a better quality of life.

1st – is your cat overweight?  I am sure your veterinarian has already told you if your cat should or should not lose weight, but below is a chart that will help you determine for yourself.


Is your pet overweight?

Well what do you think?  Is your pet at the risk of getting diabetes because they are a little heavier than they should be?

If you answered YES – stay tuned for Part 2 on how to keep your pet healthy and happy.

If you answered NO –  congratulations 🙂  but still stay tuned so that you make sure that you keep your cat at the ideal weight to live a long, healthy life.


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