How to be a great client – Part 2 – Preparing your home.

As we learned from Part 1 – preparation is key for us to do the best job possible and for you to go away relaxed and knowing everything is taken care of.

Here are a few tips to help you.

Make sure any room you do not want your pet to have access to is closed.

If you pets are prone to chew, please leave safe chew toys.

For the comfort of your pet adjust thermostat to a comfortable temperature and make sure you leave the contact information for furnace and air conditioning repair.

Make sure cupboards, storage area’s are secure if your pet is a little Houdini 🙂

If you are leaving the bathroom doors open, put the toilet lids down and you may want to remove the toilet paper.  Even though your cat or dog has never had fun with it before, they may just decide it is a fun game.  Oh the stories I could tell you *laugh*

Make sure medications and even vitamins are put away.

Remove all candy and nuts from coffee table, side tables etc.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs and nuts will cause an upset tummy as well.

If you pet tends to be a digger, or a leaf chewer I suggest putting all the plants in the bathtub with the door closed.

Check that all hobby supplies like pins, needles, paint, glue etc is put away safely and securely.

Make sure your pet sitter knows if anyone else has access and permission to be in the house.  This should include cleaning ladies, family, workman etc.

Inform neighbours and people visiting your home that the business you have hired will be visiting your home We don’t want them thinking the pet sitter is an intruder and calling the police.

We recommend using timers on interior lights and program them to what your pet is used too.  If your pet is used to your home being completely dark at night, then dusk till normal bedtime, if they are used to a light being left on all night, do the same when they are away.

If you have exterior motion sensor lights, wonderful, your pet care provider will appreciate walking up to a lit door at night for safety and security.

Before you leave make sure windows and doors are locked.  If you have electronic locks and the battery has not been changed for a while we recommend you change it before you leave.

If you have a front gate where people have to pass through, please inform them that you will be away and the name of the company you have hired to come in and take care of your pets.

There, now you are the PUUUURRRRRRRRFECT client.

Have a great, worry free vacation 🙂

BY Morag Willcox

York Professional Pet Sitting

Dog Walking and Pet Care / Newmarket – Aurora

Toronto Pet Daily


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