How to be a GREAT client. Part 1

We all know that York Professional Pet Sitting has the best pet sitting clients 🙂  For those of you who have not used a pet care service before, here are a few tips on how to be a great client and make sure your pet has the best possible care.


Preparing for the care of your pet

If you use a company that has our convenient secure online scheduling – login and make sure ALL the information is up to date.  There is no silly question, all the questions asked are important to give your pet and your home the best care possible.  Do not assume that everything is the same as last time, because chances are some things – even little things have changed.  I am sure you would rather your pet sitter spend the time with your pet than chasing around the house trying to find something or calling an Emergency Contact that is no longer available to help.

If your pet sitter does not have an online system make sure you call them and let them know where food, leashes, carriers, etc are.

Ensure you have enough food, treats, litter for the duration of the time you are away and if you are low on supplies in the usual spot, make sure the pet sitter knows where extra is.

Medication – again make sure you have enough for the entire trip + a few days in case of delays.  Make sure your pet sitter has clear instructions on where it is kept (does it have to be kept in the fridge?) How much?  How often? and if you have any tips or tricks on getting it into your pet.  If your pet requires insulin or SubQ, make sure you have enough fresh needles and you let the pet sitter know how you want them disposed of.

Make sure your pets ID tags are on and legible – can the phone number be read?  Is the phone number up to date?

Make sure their favourite toys are out to play with.

Leave out  grooming supplies.

Make sure there is a towel by the front and back door for wiping muddy paws.

This information has been provided to you by;

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Stay tuned for Part 2 – Prepare your home.


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