Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you


I know, I know, we should be thankful every day, and really I am. However, there is something about the season, the special day of Thanksgiving that makes me sit back and reflect on how lucky I really am.

Growing up in England we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we had a Harvest Sunday, which was similar but not the same. Maybe it’s that I am getting older *OMG* or wiser *not likely* that I realize how truly lucky and thankful I really am.

I am thankful have the MOST amazing family and friends, they put up with my crazy hours, my insane schedule, late dinners, cold dinners, being interrupted during Thanksgiving dinner (yes even this year) Christmas morning, birthdays and any other family occasion.

I am so thankful for the patience and understanding of my friends, who put up with me showing up late, popping outside to take a call or text.

So very thankful for my amazing team of Pet Care Providers, you are wonderful, your love, care and dedication for the pets under our charge goes above and beyond the call of duty. Every day I am so appreciative of you .. THANK YOU

I am thankful for our amazing clients, some of whom we have the pleasure of knowing since the inception of our business 12 years ago, some only a few weeks. We have been to your weddings, your baby showers, been with you through good times and bad times. Your pets are part of your family and in allowing us the privilege of caring for them we have become part of your family.

Who could not live in this great community without being thankful for all it has to offer. The people and local businesses are great and supportive; we have a vibrant, diverse community alive with events and businesses that support each other.

Finally last but not least the pets that we care for. Every day they make us smile, everyday they are thankful for our visits, everyday they show love and gratitude, and for that we THANK YOU!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving with friends and family.


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