Our Morning on Main Street

Main Street Newmarket

Main Street Newmarket

I am not sure how many more mornings we are going to be able to enjoy eating breakfast outside, but we thought we would take advantage of it today.

We decided to go to the “new” Maids Cottage on Main Street Newmarket.  Ok, not so new anymore but it is the first time I had been to their new location.  It is lovely with a great view of the Riverwalk Commons through beautiful floor to ceiling windows.  We choose to eat outside at the front though and do some people watching on Main Street.

The food was really good.  Glenn enjoyed the eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast and I had their Quiche of the day which was Asparagus and Cheddar .. Mmmm mmmm good.  We also saw people!  Glenn had a lovely chat with the lady that owned the building next door – Teddy Bears Picnic that has been caring for the kids in Newmarket and surrounding since 1984.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Yellow Lab Moby, who was of course much more interested in my breakfast then me.  You have to love Labs and their food fetish *laugh*

After Breakfast we ran into Nancy from Europa Travels who was having a street corner chat with the owners of Whatnots Craft and Ceramic Studio, and the Backyard Birder.  Nothing like an impromptu networking meeting at the corner of TImothy and Main Street to start the day off right.  Also, wonderful to meet the other small business owners in town who work so hard to keep our Main Street alive and diverse.

Then it was time to get to work, but not before a quick stop in at the British Import Store to pick up a snack for later 🙂

All in all lovely morning!


2 thoughts on “Our Morning on Main Street

  1. Travel and Real Estate Agents are gold! Gold I tell you! Where is York? It looks like old New England (where I’m from). Love towns like this.

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