The importance of ID tags for your pet – aka don’t trust older micro-chips

So your Dog is Micro-chipped and you think that if he/she is lost you are safe, because the people that find him will just have to take him to any vet, or animal control and get them scanned – next thing you know there will be a happy reunion.  WRONG!!!

One of our long time clients Golden Retriever went missing from there home this past Saturday morning right after breakfast.  They are in the country and have invisible fencing, Diego was wearing his invisible fence collar but something worth the “zap” was obviously worth breaking through.   As you can imagine when he didn’t come in when called his pet parents were distraught and did all the usual things of searching, calling neighbours, putting up flyers etc.  I posted it on Facebook and had the information for our missing friend up out on Twitter.

Of course Animal Control is only open Monday – Friday so no help at all there … but that’s another story for another day.

Bottom line is they knew that Diego was micro-chipped and the information on the microchip was up to date, so they hoped that he would be found, scanned and home soon.

Well he was found, the kind people who found him took him into their vet to have the micro-chip scanned but apparently between 8 years ago when Diego received his microchip and now, the scanners have changed and no longer read the old chips!!!!  I have done some phoning around and cannot find a local vet or animal control who has the old scanners.  So if your dog was micro-chipped before 2009 please do not count on the scanner reading their chip.

Regardless it is always better to have a Dog Tag on your pets collar.  Please make sure it is still legible and the information is correct.  This will help your dog or cat get back to you faster, as the person finding your missing pet will be able to call you right away instead of waiting for the vet or animal shelter to open and read the tag.

I am so very glad Diego is back with his family but it was a lesson learned by all.

 So your homework is

 ■ Check your pets ID Tag – is the information accurate? Is it legible?

■ When was your pet Micro-chipped?  Is the information correct?  If before 2009 are you going to get a new universal microchip?




2 thoughts on “The importance of ID tags for your pet – aka don’t trust older micro-chips

  1. The same thing I would do if it was a human being, roll over to either side & place something soft under the head leaving it slightly elevated. Sit back & wait until it’s over. The animal/human is usually a bit confused when it’s over thus needing Gentle TLC.

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