Lights, Camera, Action = $$’s – Welcome to our video contest


You have all seen them, cute, funny, moving touching video’s of pet’s doing what they do best … being cute, funny, touching.  I know that your pet is no different, actually I know some of you have pets that are hilarious funny with their little quirks, adorably cute and always tugging at our heart strings.  All you have to do is pull out your phone or camera and take a brief video of your pet and send it to me .  I will upload it to our YouTube Video Channel and then we will be sending people there to “like”  if your video gets the most Likes by Valentines Day, you will have an extra $50.00 in your pocket to spend on yourself or a loved one and your pet will also have a special treat.  2nd and 3rd will receive a $10.00 Starbucks or Tim’s gift card (your preference)

  • It can be cute – funny, just your pet having fun anything you want
  • It can have people in it, just don’t mention any names
  • It does not have to be long
  • You do not have to be a client
  • When you send it include pets name and of course how we get in touch with you
  • No human names, address or location will be mentioned

So what are you waiting for, have your camera out and ready for when you pet does that thing they do that makes you smile, cry or want to rip your hair out 🙂




 Can’t wait to see your video’s

 email directly to


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