Merry Christmas!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my wonderful team of pet sitters and all our clients, past, present and future a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012.

Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty daily to make sure the pets get the best possible care and the pet parents have peace of mind.

Our clients are the best in my eyes – dealing with all of you on a regular basis is a true pleasure 🙂

So a great big thank you to all and I am looking forward to a great 2012 with all of you.

Speaking of how great all of you are, for those of you that have not yet heard York Professional Pet Sitting won the Toronto Pet Daily 2011 Readers Choice Award in the Dog Walking/Pet Care category.  What a THRILL!!!

Now onto more serious matter.  We do not want to hear over the holidays that the cat tied up your dog!!  ha ha 🙂  actually we don’t want to hear of any sick pets over the holidays due to mishaps.  So here is a little reminder list during this busy period to remind you of a few things.

Keep Christmas and the holidays Merry

Safety tips for you and your pet.

Christmas is a crazy time of year and sometimes we are so busy entertaining, wrapping and decorating we forget the basics of health and safety for our pet.  So please take a minute and a remember a few things ……..

Christmas Tree – Do not decorate tree with popcorn strings or other edible decorations – it’s just too hard for a food motivated dog or curious cat to resist.  Really do you want to spend your whole holidays saying NO?  Avoid the temptation and stress.

If you have a cat that is a climber, put a gate around the tree or tie it to the wall so there are no injuries on the way down.

Do not add preservatives to the water of your tree, it may make your tree last a little longer but it could make your pet very sick.  Even if no preservative is added the water is likely stagnant or has needles in it so as always make sure your pets water bowl is full of fresh water at all times so there is no reason for them to go under the tree for it.

Speaking of needles, if your tree is dropping needles, keep them swept up, ingestion with not only make your pet uncomfortable and ill but the large vet bill will make you a little grinchy!

How many boxes of chocolate under YOUR tree?  Oh I know they are wrapped and your pet will never get into them.  Hmmmm think again.  At one clients house a few Christmases ago I arrived and the dog had eaten many chocolate kisses but left the wrapper.  Maybe leave the chocolates and other edible gifts out of reach till they are given out to the lucky recipient.

Remember holidays plants should be kept out of reach, not only because some are poisonous but the mess they make when your pet spills dirt on the newly vacuumed floor … .:-)

If you have guests, let them know right away not to feed the pets.  Holiday food is rich and sometimes harmful.

Candles and fireplaces.  Nobody loves romance more than me, but not very romantic is the dog is going to be injured.  If you have an open fire, make sure you have a spark guard, for candles up, on a very stable table and out of reach so they can’t be accidentally knocked over.  A lot of Christmas candles have a sweet scent which is very appealing to me – and the dog!!

Entertaining at the holidays, food gets put and left where it is not normally and we all know how smart our pets are.  Turn your back to do something and that bowl of nuts or that delicious cheese ball you put on the coffee table.  GONE!  Ohhhh Fido!  Do not leave your pet unattended when serving food.

Also when that garbage can is overflowing and you will “empty it later”  remember it may already be emptied by Fido and you’ll be struggling to remember what was in it to tell the Vet at Emergency.

After opening gifts, make sure you pick up wrapping, bows, ribbons etc.  Your pet will feel the excitement and energy of the occasion and want to play and be part of it.  A ribbon grabbed to play with can quickly become a blockage in their stomach.

Finally if your pet is not social or gets stressed and over excited when guests are around, it is more humane to give them their own quiet spot in the home where they can relax.  Visit them regularly, check their water, take them out through the house on leash and feed them at their normal time.  It’s not being cruel have them miss the festivities if they don’t enjoy them and the most common problem over the holidays?

Doddling at the door and the cat sneaks out, the dog runs onto the road, everyone is upset and chasing the pet who thinks this is a wonderful game of chase on a cold winter night.  When guests are arriving or leaving be very aware of where your pets are, say your greetings inside OR outside but not halfway and have someone hold the pet or keep them away from the door so they can’t go chasing Santa down the street.

Most of all have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season.  If you know of someone thinking of getting a pet for Christmas,  PLEASE encourage them to visit a rescue organization and instead of bringing a pet into the home during this crazy time of year,  have them give gifts of a photo of their new pet, or a book on training, breeds or pet care to prepare them for their new arrival J


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