Brrr it’s getting chilly – do you have a chilly dog?

I often hear the question …. Should my dog be wearing a coat?  Often it is a family argument where one family member thinks the dog should be in a coat and/or boots and the other is against it because it looks “silly”.

Well here are some things to consider:

Coats and boots for your pet are NOT only a fashion statement – they have function.  Consider these factors.

1)    Does your pet have health issues?  Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease etc?

2)    Your pet’s age?  The older they are the more susceptible they are to arthritis, slower blood circulation.  If they are younger they are also more susceptible to the cold.

3)    The length of your dog’s hair and its breed.  Shorter haired dogs can be affected by even slight temperature changes and protection of a jacket could give them the extra insulation that Long Haired breeds may have naturally in their coats.

4)    Be aware of your dog’s body reactions on walks.  Does he/she shiver, whine, slow down, stop walking, lift their paws or seem anxious?  These are all signs that your dog may need the extra warmth of a jacket or boots.

5)    Watch for changes, if your dog normally enjoys walks and all of a sudden does not want to go out, pulls back or is quick to get home, it’s probably because they are cold.  They still need the exercise and fresh air so just taking them home is not the answer.  A coat to keep them dry and warm will give them the extra insulation to keep going

So imagine if you went outside in the cold dressed the same way you do in the summer, would you be happy and comfortable?  I know I wouldn’t.  If in doubt talk to your vet or a reputable pet care professional and find out if your dog would benefit from some extra protection against the elements.

If you have any questions please contact me – because a happy dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog has lower vet bills and a longer, happier life 🙂


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