Dogs and cats and blogs – OH MY!!!!

Wow , times they are a changin’ as I step cautiously, nervously and somewhat reluctantly into the world of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, there is an air of excitement and anticipation but I’m told this is the wave of the future … so here I go stepping into the future, I hope I don’t drown 🙂

So I guess what I am wondering is what I am going to blog about? What you want to read about? What will hold YOUR interest? Well that part is easy, animals, their well being, their care, diet, exercise routine, their personalities and the things they do every day to make me and the rest of the team smile. It’s putting it in writing that may be a bit of a challenge!

So this is my first post, we’ll see how it turns out and go from there. I really hope you jump on board with me, give me your opinions, thoughts and ideas, after all they are your pets too 🙂

This first post is a test to see if everything is working OK 🙂  *fingers crossed”  here I go!!


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